Shred Island Documentary

During the worst flooding in Alberta, Canada’s history a musical festival was occurring in Calgary. After one day the festival was canceled leaving attendees, and musicians with no were to go. Five Edmonton music promoters worked to change that. With five hours notice they put on a three day music festival. They dubbed their event ‘Shred Island’
This is a independent music documentary that chronicles this amazing story that was directed by Mack Lamoureux . Music by Johnny de Courcy
This film was an official selection at the 2014 Global Visions Film Festival, Canada’s longest running documentary film festival, and has been nominated for 2014 Best Alberta Documentary Over 20 Minutes.


Emily Storvold. Dispatches From The Top Of The World.

Edmonton, the northern most metropolis, is chalk full of amazing people and amazing stories. We love this city and we consider it the top of the world. With Dispatches from the Top of the World we talk to some of Edmonton’s best and tell their stories.

We met up with Edmonton artist and writer Emily Storvold to discuss her literature influenced art and how she used it to overcome her OCD.

Music is by the Born Ruffians one of Canada’s best indie bands.

You can find more about Emily on her website at

Shred Island Trailer

Hello Guys here is a trailer for our new documentary chronicling “Shred Island” a music festival that was planned in less than a day due to the horrible flooding in Calgary and the cancellation of  the independent music festival Sled Island. Check it out and let us know what you think.


Mack Lamoureux & Dylan Thompson

Grant Robinson: A Model Prisoner

Grant Robinson speaks to River Road Productions and the Grant MacEwan Documentary club.
Directed by Mack Lamoureux and Dylan Thompson.

The music is Paranoia Day 36 by Joe Nolan. I apologize for the cracking audio in the first minute or so, it was just a formatting issue, it should be fixed in the next couple days.
If anyone out there wants to help Grant create his website, please feel free to contact the directors at or

Spinning Records at Freecloud

Mack Lamoureux of River Road Productions spoke with Richard Liukko, the proprietor of Freecloud Records and the lead singer of the Mad Bombers Society, about the longest standing record shop in Edmonton.

Freecloud Records is located at 10764 101 St NW, Edmonton you can find them online at, and you can find the Mad Bombers Society at

Featuring music by Bad Acid and Jahzzar.