Mhairi Munro – The Wolf – River Road Session

A river road session on one of Edmonton’s finest river roads! Shot live under the beautiful Edmonton moon in Riverdale it features songstress Mhairi Munroe sings her song to the night.

This was a rather spontaneous shoot. I was outside enjoying the Edmonton midnight when I noticed how damn gorgeous my street looked. So I ran back in my house, more franctically than I would like to admit, asking Mhairi who happened to be there if she wanted to make a video. This is what came out of that.

Cheers and thanks for watching, it means a lot.

Mack Lamoureux
Video and Editing – Mack Lamoureux
Sound – Joel Verhagen
Secondary Joel – Joel Burford


A Love Letter to Edmonton Music Ft. Joe Nolan

Here is something different for all of you lovely people. It’s a mix of my photography and journalism mixed with a tremendous artists, Joe Nolan (, music and story. Through this medium we delve into a cities underground music scene. If you have the time give it a view and let me know what you think. I think I’ll be experimenting with this medium again shortly in the future.
-Cheers – Mack Lamoureux

Versus – Endless Bummer & Bermuda

Two of Edmonton’s finest music festivals, Endless Bummer and Bermuda, got together to put on one hell of a show. They set up two stages, took three bands from each festival, and paired them together and they went song for song.

This wasn’t any battle of the bands bullshit. This was pure rock and roll.

Music is Shooting Gun’s: Predator II off Brotherhood of the Ram.

Shooting Guns –
Krang –
The Get Down –
Morals –
Gary Debussy –
Desiderata –

Endless Bummer –
Bermuda –

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We met Wares, one of the best Edmonton folk-punk singer/songwriters in our fair city. We snuck our gear and a guitar onto an LRT train. We knew we only had one shot to get the song. I would have to say we got it.

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